Lunette Menstrual Cup

Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

The stem is extremely well designed. When compared to other cups, it’s easier to grasp and much more comfortable to wear.

The holes in the cup are larger, making it easier to clean. Emptying the cup is faster and more liquid is able to flow right out rather than having to be cleaned.

Both models of the Lunette cup are softer than any other offering on the market.

It can be used for ten years without any issues. As long as cleaning protocols are followed, there should be no reason to replace your cup at any point before then.
The Lunette menstrual cup is more expensive than a lot of other brands on the market. This is due to its long life and construction materials. With the amount in savings over ten years without pads or tampons, it’s more of an investment that pays off over time.

The Lunette menstrual cup is one of the highest quality products on the market. Not only is it totally effective, but it’s also easy to use and very comfortable to wear. From young girls to older women, the two models will be perfect for any body type, size or level of physical activity. It lasts much longer than other offerings and will end up saving you lots of money over its decade-long life. This is the go-to cup for many women. It’s more than worth a try for anyone who’s curious about the benefits that it can bring to their lives.

The company has a proven track record and can be found all over the world. It’s endorsed by several safety organizations and works to improve the lives of women all around the planet.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Review Overview

This Lunette Menstrual Cup Review will take a look at all the technical aspects of the product, as well as personal reviews. It’s available all over the world and comes with a full ten-year lifespan. It’s a high-quality item that will end up saving you money in the long run than other cups simply can’t offer.

The company has been around for years and has poured hours of research into its development cycle. It also works hard to educate young women in Africa about their health and their bodies.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Product Information

The Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup has a lifetime of ten years. Its longevity comes from the construction material of medical grade silicone. It’s both safe and effective while being comfortable to wear. It comes in two sizes and can be personalized with limited edition colors.

It’s sold all over the world and is not only FDA approved, but Finnish and Australian standard certified as well. Women all over the globe have scored it higher than most other top ten brands of menstrual cups. It’s a proven product that has been tested and approved all over the world.

The Lunette Menstrual Cup only needs to be emptied two to six times per day, which blows away the competition. Clever design and intuitive usage have made it the recipient of awards and positive reviews from the women who have tried it. It’s safe and effective for both women who are experts at using menstrual cups and virgins. Women who have just started having their periods will no doubt find this solution to be very practical and easy.

Technical Details

Model 1:

  • Volume – 25ml
  • Diameter – 41mm
  • Cup Length – 47mm
  • Stem Length – 25mm
  • Total Length – 72mm
  • Country of Origin – Finland

Model 2:

  • Volume – 30ml
  • Diameter – 46mm
  • Cup Length – 50mm
  • Stem Length – 22mm
  • Total Length – 72mm
  • Country of Origin – Finland

Special Features

The Lunette Menstrual Cup lasts for ten full years, without having to be replaced with regular usage.

Lunette uses medical grade silicone in all menstrual cups.

The material is not only FDA approved but also certified in Finland and Australia.

It scored higher than other top ten menstrual cups in reviews.

There are two different cups that you can choose from.

Both cups come in limited edition colors.

Model 1 is designed for women with light to moderate flow and women who have not had sex.

Model 2 is designed for women who have a normal or heavy flow.

Both cups only need to be emptied two to six times per day.


The Lunette Menstrual Cup comes in two different sizes. Model 1 is designed for younger women and women with light to normal flows. Model 2 is designed for women who have given birth and women with normal to heavy flows. While both Lunette cups are made of soft silicone, model 1 is softer and more pliable than model 2.

Both cups come in a range of limited time colors. You can choose whichever one suits your personality based on retailer availability.

Lunette also offers FeelBetter menstrual cup cleansers and cup wipes. Both are typically sold separately.

Cleaning Your Lunette Menstrual Cup

After receiving your Lunette menstrual cup, ensure that the air holes around the top are open.
Wash hands and clean out the cup with warm water and mild soap. Boil in a large pot of water for twenty minutes and store until you need it.

When using during your period, tip blood in the toilet.

Rinse cup with cold water.

Wash with warm water.

Wipe with Lunette menstrual cup wash and reinsert.


After your period has ended, all you have to do is boil your cup for twenty minutes.

Alternatively, you can wash your cup according to the above guidelines and wipe with Lunette disinfecting cup wipes.

Your Lunette cup should always be disinfected both after your last and before your next period. This will ensure a clean cup every time.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Company Profile and Information

Heli Kurajanen thought that there just had to be something better than tampons and pads. She tried her first menstrual cup but found that it just didn’t work for her. That was when she had the idea to create her own. She set out on her mission to create a cup that worked for all women, regardless of their shape, size, age or child-bearing stage.

With safety and function in mind, her Lunette cup took her homeland of Finland by storm. Sales were strong from the very beginning and helped her to grow her company into an international powerhouse. She believes in educating women about period care and bringing them opportunities and intelligent design to care for their bodies.

Lunette has programs running through several African nations to provide young girls with menstrual cups. The company’s goal is to promote gender equality, improve school attendance, improve sanitation, reduce waste and provide a better understanding of reproductive health. They also strive to educate the population about women’s rights and offer them a solution that saves them money. Women and girls all over Africa are becoming more educated about themselves and the women around them.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Customer Feedback and Reviews

Reviews for the Lunette menstrual cup are overwhelmingly positive with women sharing their stories about other cups simply not working. After trying less expensive, poorly designed options, they have all come together to call the Lunette offering something that they can use with ease.

Many women have been using the cup for years, with no interest in changing. They tout the savings that they’ve experienced while using the cup over traditional pads and tampons. The majority are very impressed with the lack of leaking and the ease of clean up that comes along with the cup.

Lunette Menstrual Cup FAQ

There seem to be vendors selling Lunette cups that are not officially licensed. Is this a common sight?
There are some knock-offs being sold under the Lunette name that is in no way affiliated with the brand. Always looks for the official packaging and Finland trademark seal.

If I leave it in for more than twelve hours, is my health at risk?
There is no risk as the Lunette cup is designed to be worn for up to twelve hours. If you go over the recommended time, simply empty it at the first chance you get.

Can I use it with an IUD or a conception ring?
Yes, the cup is compatible with both IUDs and contraception rings. It can be worn comfortably and effectively with both.

Which cup size is ideal for women who are physically active?
Both cups can be used during physical activities. However, model 1 is most suited to women who are highly physically active for both comfort and effectiveness reasons.

I’m having trouble removing the cup. Is it stuck?
There is no chance of the Lunette menstrual cup becoming permanently stuck inside your vagina. Simply relax and give it another shot. If the problem persists, there are many helpful tips for newcomers on the website.

Can I use the cup directly after giving birth?
No, nothing should be used after childbirth, not even tampons.

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