Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup Review

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The Good

The Ruby Cup is reusable for up to ten years. That’s ten years’ worth of savings on tampons or pads.

It fits comfortably and can be worn overnight with no leakage. The soft silicone is squishy and high-quality material.

For every “buy one give one” Ruby Cup menstrual cup purchased, another is donated to a woman in a third world country to give her a safe, effective alternative for her menstrual cycle.

The grippy dot stem makes removing the cup hygienic and easy. The cup can be held upright to prevent any kind of spillage.

The Bad

The tiny suction holes can make it a little bit difficult to clean. There will always be a need to wipe it out after emptying and rinsing.

There’s a learning curve when it comes to inserting it. It can take a few tries to figure out how to seal it comfortably with no leakage.

The grippy dot stem is hollow. This means that it has a tendency to trap menstrual fluid that becomes difficult to clean out.

Bottom Line

The Ruby Cup is safe to use and environmentally friendly. It may have a higher price tag than you’re used to, but you’ll be saving thousands on tampons and pads over its ten-year lifespan. It’s certainly worth giving it a shot.

Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup Overview

This Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup Review will look at all the details of the product and break them down for you. It’s a safe, effective way of caring for your menstrual cycle, and the company is working to make the world a better place along the way. The company is owned and operated by the same women who invented the product. They spent a lot of time testing and researching it, and believe in what they have to offer. It’s comfortable to wear whether you’re at home, work, or engaging in physical activity. The fit is great and the seal is secure so you never have to worry about leaks.

Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup Product Information

The Ruby Cup is a one size fits all medical grade product that’s designed to be reused for up to ten years. It replaces all need for tampons and pads while cutting down on the massive waste associated with them. It’s easy to use and easy to clean while being incredibly comfortable to wear.

Technical Details

  • Capacity- 34 ml
  • Diameter- 45 mm
  • Stem Length- 17 mm
  • Cup Length- 51 mm
  • Full Length-68 mm
  • Country of Origin- China
  • Material- 100% medical grade silicone

Special Features

  • Easily available both online and in store.
  • The material is very soft and pliable, making it one of the most comfortable options on the market.
  • The design allows easy insertion and retrieval while being very comfortable to wear, even during physical activities.
  • The Ruby Cup is reusable for ten full years without needing to replace it.
  • The large capacity of up to 34 ml is great for full protection, even on heavy flow days.
  • It’s very environmentally friendly. Not only does it save on waste from tampons and pads, but even the box it comes in is biodegradable.
  • Each cup comes with its own travel pouch. This keeps it clean and sterile before use.


There are several different options available for the purchase of a Ruby Cup. Each one comes with a cotton pouch for storage. It has the ruby gem printed on the front and a full set of instructions on the inside.

  • Buy one give one: For anyone who wants to simply buy one Ruby Cup, one will be sent by the company to a country with limited resources. Women in these areas have very few hygienic options when it comes to caring for their menstrual cycle.
  • Two classic sister pack: Marketed as “one for you and one for your sister”, this option comes with two cups, two cotton pouches, and two sets of instructions. It’s a cheaper alternative to buying two cups separately.
  • Two colors: This variation of the sister pack comes with everything listed above. The difference is that you get to choose the color of your cups. You can choose the same color for both, or decide on a different color for each.
  • One colored and one classic: Another variation on the sister pack. This one comes with one colored cup of your choice and one classic cup.
  • Ruby cup classic/color with sterilizer cup: This option comes with everything you need. You get one classic or colored cup, one cotton pouch, full instructions, and one sterilizer cup. Proper instructions for the use of the sterilizer cup are also included, and you get your choice of one of five different colors.

Cleaning Your Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup

Cleaning the Ruby Cup menstrual cup is easy and fast. You can do it at home or you can do it in a public restroom. You never have to worry about getting stuck with no way to stay clean.

Regular usage:

  1. Wash your hands before and after removal
  2. Empty the fluid out of the Ruby Cup
  3. Wash with warm water and gentle soap
  4. Dry with a cotton cloth
  5. Reuse

Usage in public places:

  1. Empty your Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup contents into a toilet
  2. Wipe out with a wet wipe, cloth or toilet paper as best you can
  3. Reuse
  4. Rinse and wash your Ruby Cup as soon as you can in private setting


Your Ruby Cup should be sterilized after each full use, once a month. The best way to do it is with the Ruby sterilizer cup. All you have to do is fill it with water, drop it in the cup, and microwave it on high for three to four minutes. If you prefer to use the oven, simply set it in for ten minutes.

If you don’t have the sterilizer cup, bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove top. Drop in the cup for three to four minutes and remove it from the heat. Once it’s cool, simply dry it off and store it for next time.


Storing is just as easy as cleaning. After you’ve sterilized it, all you have to do is place it in the cotton pouch that it came with. Leave it in a cool, dry place and it will remain sterile and ready to use for your next cycle. It’s one of the easiest to use and store solutions to menstrual care that you can find on the market today.

Ruby Cup Company Profile and Information

The Ruby Cup was developed by Maxie Matthiessen, Veronica D’Souza, and Julie Weigaard-Kjaer. They’re three women who met while attending business school in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was set up in Kenya with a great deal of product development. It’s currently run by Maxie and Julie and based in Berlin while being manufactured by Makit.

As stated before, one cup is donated to a woman in need with every purchase. The company believes strongly in giving every woman a safe and effective alternative to her menstrual cycle care. By offering a clean solution in third world countries, women can lead much safer lives.

Ruby Cup Customer Feedback and Reviews

Women from all over the world are sharing their experiences with the Ruby Cup and the results are great. Not only are they finding it incredibly easy to use, but it’s also one of the most comfortable menstrual solutions on the market. In fact, many of the women who have been speaking out are disappointed that they didn’t start using it years ago. They’re so happy with the results that spending time and money on pads and tampons has proven to be a huge waste. With so many women being happy enough to share their experiences, it becomes clear that this product is worth checking out.

The only negative feedback seems to be centered around customer service, even though it’s rare. It’s important to remember that this is still a relatively young company with grand aspirations. Not only are they selling their products, they’re trying to improve impoverished lives all over the world. That says a lot for the people selling it, but it also amounts to two different companies being run at the same time. If you ever have an issue with your Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup, please be patient. Customer service will do everything it can to help you.

Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup FAQ

“Is this product safe to use in the dishwasher?”

No, using it in the dishwasher can severely damage it. Simply follow the provided instructions to clean it. There should never be any need for a dishwasher.

“How do I know if it’s inserted correctly?”

You’ll know the second it’s seated properly because you won’t notice it. There will also be no leakage regardless of flow intensity.

“Does it smell?”

No, the material does not absorb what it traps. Therefore, there are never any odors.

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